National Land Realty

Due Diligence

In our region, many large properties will also have forest land as a substantial component, so it is important to have a consulting forester involved in due diligence. These professionals help new owners understand and develop new forest management plans, enroll in NC tax programs, and create long-term strategies to improve the health and growth of forests and wildlife habitat on their property. Their analysis, planning, and recommendations also inform the site design, natural resource inventory, and conservation suitability analysis while educating owners on how to best care for their forests.


Quality matters

We remain dedicated to using the best ingredients for our drinks—because you and the earth deserve it.

Evergreen Packaging

Forestry Certifications

At Evergreen Packaging, we’re committed to increasing the use of certified wood and promoting forest certification in our wood procurement areas. We are committed to integrating the sustainable growth and harvesting of trees with protection of wildlife, plants, soils, and water. We demonstrate this dedication to responsible forestry not only on a day-to-day basis, but also by maintaining forestry certifications via third-party audits.


Safeguarding forests for future generations

We are committed to doing right. We strive to create long-term profitable business ethically and responsibly,  supporting all aspects of sustainability. We have company-level commitments and rules in place for our wood sourcing, and we adhere to internationally accepted principles of sustainable forestry.  We apply credible, third-party verified schemes such as forest certification to ensure  our full transparency and continuous improvement.