My introduction to EcoForesters was a postcard in the mail last year about the Landscape Scale Forest Restoration Project. Through that project, Krishun did a site visit a year ago at my property which was an amazing gift of knowledge and guidance. Her keen observations and detailed records and teaching are very helpful on an ongoing basis.  

This year I am participating in the sweat equity program. Trying to manage invasive plants is overwhelming at times. For a crew of 5 to come to my property and work on invasive plants is an incredible uplift.

Thank you for your top-notch professionalism. I am impressed with the standards you have in place for workplace safety. It made me feel that I was in good hands and also was excellent modeling for me. Thank you for your top-notch expertise. I have loved learning from you. Thank you for the time you have spent outlining for me pros/cons/alternatives of options. Thank you for your many kindnesses in communication and action. Thank you Krishun, Samantha, Charles, Max, Annabelle, and all the staff at EcoForesters who make the work happen.

Jennie Barnhardt

Forest Landowner

“Thanks to EcoForesters, Foothills Conservancy of North Carolina was able to evaluate opportunities for marketing carbon sequestration on conservation lands. Their professional foresters were attentive to our conservation objectives and respected complex conservation restrictions. Their philosophy recognizes that forested lands serve multiple purposes to many different stakeholders.”

Andrew Kota

Executive Director, Foothills Conservancy

“It seemed after speaking with EcoForesters that I had found someone who was knowledgeable and cared as much about our woods as we do. You not only talked the talk, but walked it as well. You regularly checked on the site, brought students to see the results, and showed genuine interest in how we felt about the experience. I feel like I made the right choice for land valued by my family”

Woody Noland

Camp High Rocks

“The work that EcoForesters does is critically important as these forests are in desperate need of ecological restoration to increase forest diversity and resilience.”

Megan Sutton

Program Director, The Nature Conservancy Southern Blue Ridge