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Beneath the surface of Appalachian forests’ green is the lesser known story of widespread forest degradation. Upon the hundreds of properties and tens of thousands of acres EcoForesters’ staff has visited throughout the region, more often than not the forest is greatly diminished from past clear-cuts, repeated high-grading, invasive species infestations, eroded soils, fire suppression, and other past unsustainable forest management practices. Much of the forests that regional conservation groups spend millions of dollars to protect are in a degraded state, significantly at risk to future threats, and in desperate need of proactive stewardship. This is largely an untold story of our forests and telling this story is part of EcoForesters’ educational mission.

What can we do to make your forest stronger?

Forestry Consultation

General consulting covers a broad category of services from reviewing a pre-existing forest management plan, to providing expert advice on timber management, to walking with a landowner through the woods and discussing the forest ecology and stewardship options.

Forest Assessment

A forest assessment provides a summary report of a property’s forests. Field data collected for the assessment provides information on species composition, age class, diameter distribution, growth rates, forest structure, forest health, and wildlife habitat for each stand type on the property. The written assessment includes photographs, a detailed description, and potential management options for each forest stand type. The assessment also includes summary data for the entire property detailing major concerns, highlights, and opportunities.

Forest Inventory and Appraisal

A forest inventory provides a report of typical numerical forestry values (boardfeet, basal area, and trees per acre) by species for different forest stands. The measured components, intensity, and scope of the inventory are variable depending on the landowner’s needs. 

A timber appraisal provides the total value of the timber on a given piece of property. This estimate is arrived at through a thorough forest inventory and the use of up to date timber prices. Knowing the full value of timber on a property can assist a landowner in stewardship planning and/or financial planning.

Forest Stewardship Planning

Forest stewardship planning includes a forest assessment, as described above, but incorporates specific landowner objectives with the assessment to define stewardship goals and actions. The plan usually covers a 5 to 10-year time frame. Properties whose stewardship plans include commercial timber management as an objective can also qualify for significant property tax savings through North Carolina’s Present Use Valuation program.

Timber Management

While many landowners have specific financial income needs that sustainable forestry practices may provide for, the strategic harvesting of trees frequently also serves the non-income related objectives of landowners. 

For example, many of our forests are even-aged as a result of past clear-cutting. If a landowner desires to restore their even-aged forest to diversity and habitat that simulates old growth conditions, then it is frequently advantageous to mimic natural disturbance patterns that create gaps in the forest. The strategic creation of gaps can favor the growth of more healthy and dominant trees, increase overall botanical diversity, and increase habitat for numerous wildlife species that depend on the structural variability of a forest that has multiple sizes and ages of trees. 

During any timber sale, we work on behalf of the interests of the landowner by receiving the highest possible price for the timber while achieving the greatest potential for the landowner’s stewardship objectives. Before any timber harvesting takes place, we mark every tree that is to be removed and establish a harvest plan so that both the logger and the landowner understand the means by which stewardship objectives will be achieved. 

EcoForesters has developed relationships with a set of loggers that are both trustworthy and capable when it comes to low-impact logging that protects residual trees, water quality, and other forest resources. Before any management activities take place, we will represent the landowner in establishing a contract that states the terms of payment and how a logger is to engage in stewardship activities (i.e. how trees are to be removed, how trails are to be constructed etc.). Subsequent to this agreement, we will oversee the terms of this contract and withhold a performance bond from the logger until work is satisfactorily completed.

Forest Carbon Evaluation

Forests are important for sequestering atmospheric carbon dioxide, providing a valuable ecosystem service for society and ameliorating climate change. EcoForesters can calculate carbon storage and annual sequestration for your forestland.

Forest Conservation and Restoration

Forest restoration is a broad category of forest management by which a landowner seeks to restore forest health and vitality which has been compromised by past management abuses. While this work can sometimes be done in a manner that provides a profit to the landowner, restoration work often comes at a cost.

Wildlife Habitat Improvement

There are numerous means by which to enhance or create habitat for wildlife. Stewardship actions are dependent upon the landowner’s objectives, natural resources, and preferred wildlife species.

Invasive Species Control

More and more, undesirable species introduced from foreign lands are crowding out native species and even causing local extinctions. EcoForesters provides the service of mapping where these species are, planning for their removal, and then actively removing the species.

Follow-up monitoring is almost always required to keep invasive species in check over time. The time and costs of this service is highly variable dependent upon the species and scope of infestation.

Conservation Easement Baseline and Monitoring Reports

Conservation organizations that hold conservation easements often need assistance in the development of baseline and monitoring reports. The staff of EF has years of experience working for land trusts in this capacity and meeting all Land Trust Alliance standards. We provide high quality reports that detail the biological and physical characteristics of a property prior to a conservation easement and any changes that come thereafter.

Mapping & Analysis

EcoForestsers is equipped with a powerful suite of mapping software as well as expertise in geospatial analysis. Most of our services include high quality maps, and many also include some type of in-depth analysis. We use the latest airborne and satellite data available to support our management considerations.

Education & Training

Our mission is accomplished through education and stewardship. EcoForesters staff work with landowners, volunteer groups, and community leaders to encourage and improve necessary ecological restoration for all forested types.

Non-native invasive species training

Landowners can learn how to keep invasive species at bay through identification and control trainings. Learn how to identify, prioritize and plan to control your invasive species.

Trainings include the proper and judicious use of herbicide and what equipment is needed when battling invasive species. Volunteer groups, families, and HOAs have taken advantage of this service.

Landowner Tours

This opportunity for landowners is the perfect mix of classroom and field work. Learn why our forests look the way they do and what can be done to make them healthier. For people interested in learning about Appalachian forests and the many resources available to manage them.

Speaking engagements

Everyone cares about trees, but less understand the connection between healthy forests and the economic development of the region. Either virtually or in person, have EcoForesters address your group on the topic of forestry.

Community Forestry projects

Forests are an important community asset and should be valued by all of its members. By engaging whole communities, partnerships can more easily formed and resources shared. Its also a great way to get to know your neighbor!