Sierra Nevada

The State of Trails

National Trail System: Underfunded & Overused When you’re hiking on a trail, you often focus on details: the crunch of ground beneath your boots, chirps of wildlife, the wind purring in the trees. In all likelihood, you aren’t thinking about who maintains the trail, much less who provides the dollars to do so. Well, the reality is that we’re all on deck to help.

Green River Adventures

The Value of Nature

Whether it’s paddling down the Green River or ziplining through the trees into the Green River Gorge, we rely on vibrant forests for the backdrop of all of our adventures. We value healthy forests and helping fund forest stewardship in the region is one way to show our appreciation for our most valuable resource.” 

New Belgium Brewing

Inspriring Social & Environmental Change

We believe business should be a force for good. That’s why we push forward solutions to the biggest social and environmental challenges of our time.

Duke Energy

Powerful Communities: Nature

We are committed to investing resources and working alongside our community partners to ensure future generations enjoy the immeasurable benefits of the nature around us.