Forest Conservation and Restoration

Decisions to improve the health of a forest ecosystem are best made with an understanding of how past management has impacted current conditions. Forest restoration is a broad category of forest management by which a landowner seeks to restore forest health and vitality which has been compromised by past management abuses. While this work can sometimes be done in a manner that provides a profit to the landowner, restoration work often comes at a cost.

Invasive Species Control

More and more, undesirable species introduced from foreign lands are crowding out native species and even causing local extinctions. EcoForesters provides the service of mapping where these species are, planning for their removal, and then actively removing the species.

Follow-up monitoring is almost always required to keep invasive species in check over time. The time and costs of this service is highly variable dependent upon the species and scope of infestation.

Wildlife Habitat Improvement

There are numerous means by which to enhance or create habitat for wildlife. Stewardship actions are dependent upon the landowner’s objectives, natural resources, and preferred wildlife species. Forest resiliency is improved by the diversity of species, structure, and biodiversity found within the ecosystem. Similarly, resilient wildlife habitat accounts for the needs of wildlife in the different stages of their lives and how they interact with a forested ecosystem.

Forest Stand Improvement

Forests are most resilient when diverse in both species and structure. Historical clear cutting and years of harvesting the most desirable trees have left forests evenly aged and in many cases, dominated by faster growing tree species. Management planning can identify stands that are best suited for forest stand improvements and prescriptions to achieve desired conditions.

Conservation Easement Baseline and Monitoring Reports

Conservation organizations that hold conservation easements often need assistance in the development of baseline and monitoring reports. The staff of EcoForesters has years of experience working for land trusts in this capacity and meeting all Land Trust Alliance standards. We provide high quality reports that detail the biological and physical characteristics of a property prior to a conservation easement and any changes that come thereafter.