Our Impact

Acres Covered in Stewardship Plans

Stewardship Plans written

Acres of Invasives Treated on Conservation Lands

Accomplishments since our founding in 2015:

  • Created forest stewardship plans for 120 different private forestland owners covering more than 126,000 acres in nineteen Western North Carolina counties and Vermont.
  • Coordinated sustainable timber harvests on fourteen different forested properties with a combined total of more than 878 acres in five different Western North Carolina counties and Tennessee.
  • Developed the forest management plan and a forest development plan for the approximately 50,000 acre Eastern Band of Cherokee Indian reserve forests.
  • Initiated the Sandy Mush Forest Restoration Project that is engaging a community on forest stewardship and invasive species control on a over 50,000 acre watershed.
  • Controlled invasive species on over 130 acres of permanently protected land trust properties.
  • Helped over 100 landowners achieve significant tax savings through the Present Use Value tax program.
  • Conducted an inventory for verification of forest carbon offset projects, on two large properties totaling approximately 15,000 acres in southwest Virginia, under California Air Resources Board protocol.
  • Entered a partnership with the Rainforest Alliance to help strengthen sustainable forest management with small landowners in the Southeast region of the United States.
  • Advised a private forestland owner in negotiations to minimize the ecological impact of a utility easement’s construction across his 2,000 acre property at the headwaters of the Hungry River in Henderson County, NC.
  • Overseeing long-term stewardship and sustainable timber management of a 10,000 acre property in Vermont.
  • Conducted a forest assessment that will result in developing forest restoration and invasive species control plans for the 600 acres of forest on the grounds of Culver Academy and Wood Craft Camp, a premier boarding school and original Boy Scouts camp located in Culver Indiana.

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