Focus Areas and Funding Opportunties

Grant funded forestry assistance for landowners is available in twelve WNC counties.

If you have forest land in Western North Carolina, you qualify for forestry assistance. Our nonprofit’s mission is to connect landowners with the right resources that will help them make their forests healthier.

Current Funding Projects

We recognize that managing forests is a responsibility that takes time and money. Our mission allows us to create funding streams for forest stewardship and to help train landowners to identify and control non-native invasive species. We are committed to preparing your forest for future threats like wildfire and extreme weather. A healthy forest is a resilient forest that can continue to support the next generation lucky enough to call Western North Carolina home.

Landscape Scale Restoration (LSR) Project

This project is supported by the US Forest Service Southern Region’s Landscape Scale Restoration grant program and in support of the North Carolina Forest Action Plan. This grant provides knowledge that helps landowners control invasive species, promote wildlife habitat and oak regeneration, plant future forests, and leave a legacy of positive impact.

National Fish and Wildlife Federation (NFWF) Project

The National Fish and Wildlife Federation recognizes that landowners need assistance managing their forest. This grant provides landowners with consultations, planning, and cost share assistance implementing their plan.

Is your land in one of our twelve county focus areas? If so, you can access FREE consultation, discounted management planning, and cost share opportunities.

Free Consultations

Have a forestry associate cruise your woodlands and consult with you on the health of your forest

Includes free mapping and invasive species checklist

Learn about the tree species in your forest and how to improve the things you value the most

Affordable Forest Management Planning

Forest Planning is the best way to assess your forest investment and values.

Planning can reduce property taxes

Planning will help you access cost share funding

Planning takes the burden off your children and helps prepare for the future

Access additional cost share funding

Funding is available to landowners for forest improvement and invasive species control

Get help applying for cost share and better understand what codes are acceptable

Reduce your out of pocket expenses