Invasive Species Control

EcoForesters Non-Native Invasive Species Control Crew was developed to provide landowners an option for ecological stewardship action by improving your forest’s health through invasive species assessments and control.  Our crew mechanically treats targeted species predominately through the use of handsaws and hatchets, with the assistance of herbicides tailored for specific species.  

EcoForesters’ Stewardship Director Krishun Karau explains non-native invasive plant species and how to control them

EcoForesters helps landowners fight invasive species by:

  • Providing landowners information on how to identify and treat specific species
  • Developing a plan for treatments when, how often, and where to begin
  • Overseeing and implementing all invasive species treatments on property
  • Teaching landowners how to treat certain species on their property through demonstration, if landowner is interested in completing the treatments themselves

Click here to download fact sheets of common invasive plants


For questions or more information, please contact our office to find out how we can help you reduce the amount of invasive species on your forest. Click here to see EcoForesters’ 7 P’s for Invasive Species control.  (828) 484-6842

I want to let you know just how impressed I am with EcoForesters’ Forest Restoration Crew Leader Krishun Karau. She was more than a pleasure to work with. She showed great communication skills, work ethic, and team leadership. She obviously has the respect of her crew, as they tackled some difficult terrain with thoroughness and skill. She shared her goals and achievements daily with me, giving me insight to my property. She eagerly shared her knowledge of equipment, chemicals, and solutions to the environmental issue I face on the property. In short, she gave me a new and different appreciation of my property.

J. Geer

Landowner & EcoForesters client