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Learn more about EcoForesters and why ecologically beneficial forestry is vital to Appalachian forests.
Hear about some of the common forestry issues facing Appalachian woodland owners and what you can do about them.
Understanding the forest type is a initial step to writing a forest management plan.
Light distribution often decides what species grow where. Oriental bittersweet thrives in canopy gaps.
Oriental bittersweet is EcoForesters’ enemy number one. Learn what you can do to control this aggressive vine
Oaks often struggle to regenerate and are outcompeted by faster growing species. Oak decline is a big issue for Appalachian forests and timber harvests can help.
Harvesting timber, when done correctly, can have positive impacts on forest health. Hear how EcoForesters decides which trees to harvest and which trees to leave standing.
Yellow poplar trees are plentiful in our region. Should they be harvested?
Former pasture land is prime real estate for reforestation. Learn how this landowner did their part.
Clean water starts with forest stewardship. Following best management practices in streamside management zones help reduce sedimentation in streams and rivers.
We’ve all seen kudzu blanket the roadside. Hear about how our crew is successfully controlling it.
Regional forests benefit from controlled burning. Learn how.