Land Trust Stewardship Fund

Nature pays us all a dividend

What are the natural features which make a township handsome? A river, with its waterfalls and meadows, a lake, a hill, a cliff or rocks, a forest, and ancient trees standing singly. Such things are beautiful; they have a high use which dollars and cents never represent – Henry David Thoreau

The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina has awarded $30,000 to EcoForesters as a match incentive that will help fund a mechanism for stewardship on permanently protected lands. Our partners are from industries that benefit from the value forests bring our region and are willing to invest in future healthy forests. Participating businesses will help match the initial $30,000, which will translate into over $100,000 worth of invasive species control and forest restoration on conservation lands. We need your help matching this $30,000 investment in conservation.

There are many industries that benefit from healthy forests, some of which include: breweries, real estate, outdoor recreation, tourism, hotels, and forest products. The natural services provided to our region by forests tip the scale for groups that rely on healthy forests to provide clean water, wildlife habitat, recreation, carbon sequestration, and scenic beauty. By partnering together, we will tell a story of conservation and stewardship and how business leadership is respectful of nature’s impact on the economic development of the region.

Your contribution will be TRIPLED in support of land trusts!

Massive oriental bittersweet vines will strangle and overcome healthy trees

Non-native invasive species outcompete and destroy native trees and habitat. But they can be controlled.

Your donation will be tripled and local land trusts will be able to double the stewardship on selected projects. Some invasive species have been spreading for decades. Now is the time to get this problem under control and land trusts need our help.

Let us help you show your customer base that conservation is good for business.

A successful campaign means the general public and beyond understand that being good stewards of nature pays dividends. Each supporting group will get promotional materials targeted to their industry that tells the story of why our forests are worth protecting.

Support economic development that values nature by planning for its future use

Gather support from industries that benefit from a healthy forested infrastructure.  Groups like breweries, real estate, outdoor recreation and tourism based businesses like hotels benefit from the over 1.5 million acres of protected forests in WNC.  Having industry support for stewardship efforts that strengthen forest resiliency is an important step towards valuing the natural benefits that forests provide, like clean water, climate change mitigation and wildlife habitat to name just a few.

Make a measurable difference by supporting stewardship on protected land

 Support conservation lands with funding for forest stewardship.  This initiative will turn $30,000 of seed money provided by the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina into over $100,000 worth of stewardship on permanently protected lands.  Land trusts need help restoring and maintaining the special lands they have protected and this fund will be available to help control invasive species

Join a collaborative partnership that promotes sustainability of the region

Tell the story of how industry and conservation advocates are working together to protect the natural attributes that make our region so desirable.  The public’s understanding of forest stewardship and why it is needed must be improved upon if we expect our behaviors to change.  Tying economic resilience to natural resilience will go a long way and allow us to lift up conservation minded businesses and highlight their commitment to the sustainability of our region.