Our Story

The journey that became EcoForesters

EcoForesters' Background

Founded in 2015, EcoForesters is a new model for conservation: a nonprofit organization, built to implement positive impact forest stewardship, promote and partner for conservation, and educate students, professionals, and the general public. We are here to tell the untold story of the Appalachian forest and meet the needs of forest restoration at a large scale, for the long haul.

As professional foresters, we can read and tell the story of any particular piece of forestland in a way that most other conservation professionals are untrained to do. EcoForesters can implement active forest stewardship in a practical and comprehensive way, providing positive impact forestry services to landowners that achieves desirable on the ground results. No other conservation organization is designed for this purpose.
EcoForesters is also wholly different from private, for-profit consulting foresters. Our activities may appear similar, but commercial foresters generally make recommendations based on a course of action which yields the most profit for the landowner, while EcoForesters will present all reasonable options and then recommend a course of action which will most effectively conserve and restore the forest for current and future generations - while remaining economically viable and generating revenue to landowners.

Accomplishments since our founding in 2015:

Created forest stewardship plans for twenty seven different private forestland owners covering more than 55,200 acres in five Western North Carolina counties.

Coordinated sustainable timber harvests on four different forested properties with a combined total of more than 3,800 acres in three different Western North Carolina counties.

Developed the forest stewardship plan for the approximately 50,000 acre Eastern Band of Cherokee Indian reserve forests.

Entered a partnership with the Rainforest Alliance to help strengthen sustainable forest management with small landowners in the Southeast region of the United States.

Advised a private forestland owner in negotiations to minimize the ecological impact of a utility easement's construction across his 2,000 acre property at the headwaters of the Hungry River in Henderson County, NC.

Overseeing long-term stewardship and sustainable timber management of a 10,000 acre property in Vermont.

Conducted a forest assessment that will result in developing forest restoration and invasive species control plans for the 600 acres of forest on the grounds of Culver Academy and Wood Craft Camp, a premier boarding school and original Boy Scouts camp located in Culver Indiana.

Conducted an inventory for verification of forest carbon offset projects, on two large properties totaling approximately 15,000 acres in southwest Virginia, under California Air Resources Board protocol.

Our Mission

EcoForesters is a non-profit professional forestry organization dedicated to conserving and restoring our Appalachian forests.